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The Nexus Key

The ability to use it to travel to countries, through realms, timelines, planets, and alternate dimensions.

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Added by Amalgamer on 6/30/2010

Temporary Weapons Knowledge

The ability to have complete knowledge of any weapon that you are holding while you are in danger

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Added by Superfool on 6/12/2014

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The ability to split your existence between multiple realities.

Decentralization allows the user to voluntarily expand himself across several parallel realities or... Read more »

Created by Exarian on 12/10/2010

Newest Superpowers:

Memory Tap

The ability to travel back in time to the memory of another person.

Just by touching the target you can tap into every single moment of their life that they can remember. You... Read more »

Created by GeneralPinkie on 4/29/2015


Indecisive Paralysis

The ability to paralyze anyone due to indecisiveness.

Concentrate the essence of your whole being into a blast of raw energy that will stun anyone that stands in... Read more »

Created by GeneralPinkie on 4/28/2015

Animated Techniques

The ability to give crude life to one's techniques, skills, or natural talent.

This ability does not bring techniques, skills, or natural talent to actual life, but make them become... Read more »

Created by Babeltalk on 4/23/2015


Vision Of Fictional Situation

The ability to see a fictional character in any situation you want

This superpower allows its owner to see how they behave and how they react fictional characters in the... Read more »

Created by JAGMGeorgy on 4/22/2015

Midas' Touch Revamped

The ability to Turn what you touch into gold at the expense of your own blood.

No, this is not your run-of-the-mill Midas' Touch, who'd want that? with this power, if you choose to do... Read more »

Created by CassioC on 4/12/2015


Fruit Communication

The ability to Talk with fruit

The user has ability to talk with all kinds of fruits, as if it were intelligent. Read more »

Created by The_Omnipotent_One on 4/10/2015

Permanent Bread Mimicry

The ability to Turn once and forever to bread

The user is capable of shapeshifting into bread. After doing so, he cannot turn back. In bread form, user... Read more »

Created by The_Omnipotent_One on 4/10/2015

Random Nudity

The ability to Turn randomly naked.

This power allows user to absolutely randomly turn naked. Read more »

Created by The_Omnipotent_One on 4/10/2015

Art Resurrection

The ability to turn any drawing to life.

Any thing on paper or on another surface can be turned into life. You can make it any size. Draw something... Read more »

Created by 247magic on 4/9/2015

Compassionate Gaze

The ability to gaze upon a soul who has committed a heinous act, and fill their heart with compassion.

When someone commits such an atrocious and vile and corrupt deed, that many could consider unworthy of... Read more »

Created by WILD_WONDER on 4/8/2015


Guardian Force

The ability to morph into any of the guardian forces from Final Fantasy VIII and use their individual powers at will.

You can transform into any of the Guardian Forces from Final Fantasy VIII and use their individual powers... Read more »

Created by WILD_WONDER on 4/7/2015


The ability to split yourself into several different beings each representing one aspect of your personality

With this power you can split yourself into several different people each representing one aspect of your... Read more »

Created by Superfool on 4/7/2015


The ability to project your voice.

With this ability you are able to project your voice from any living creature that is within visual range.... Read more »

Created by Dad on 4/7/2015

smackgiver Mote_Flyspeck

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Samson's Strength
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Reactive Knowledge Gain
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Angelic Hierarchy: Seraphim
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Focus Manipulation
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Memory Tap
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Fickle Genie
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Focus Manipulation
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Power Bestowed By Intelligence
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