The Superpower List - A growing list of superpowers, created by you.  Dream the impossible.
The Superpower List is a growing list of superpowers, created by you.
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The ability to channel Nereus' command over the essence of the quiet sea and the sea's bounty of fish
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The ability to have a person who died before, die again instantly
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The ability to have special talent for wizardry.
The Path of the Wizard, or the Path of Will, is the first of the five paths of magic. Wizards are mages that use nothing but will to do magic. Naturaly, wizards are the most powerful of mages, due to ... read more
Created by Master_Logan on 11/13/2010
Possessed by: Aberrant
Newest superpowers:
The ability to create superhuman abilities in a physical form.
This ability allows the user to make any physical power and manifest it into a externalized form. This means the ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 09/12/2014
The ability to make madness communicable.
To activate this ability, simply touche a person suffering from some form of mental illness. From that point onward this ... read more
Created by GentlemanVaultboy on 09/11/2014
The ability to change the name of anything/anyone for a while.
With this superpower, you can change the name of anything and anyone for a while. The effect last anywhere from ... read more
Created by QuantomMegasmart on 09/11/2014
Possessed by: Myself
The ability to turn any inanimate object into Gallium metal.
With Gallium touch, you can turn any inanimate item or object into Gallium metal at will. Turn garbage into Gallium. ... read more
Created by QuantomMegasmart on 09/10/2014
The ability to control hydrocarbons, hydrogen and other carbon based molecules.
Ever wanted to make any molecule you want? With this power, you can. You can manipulate hydrocarbon based chemicals like ... read more
Created by QuantomMegasmart on 09/09/2014
The ability to imply the rules of transitive property into reality.
Also known as "Transitive Property Enforcement", the user is able to use transitive property in supernatural ways. In a real ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 09/09/2014
The ability to sense the type and strength of an experience around you.
The user feels any experience coming at them. They would know potentially bad experiences even when they aren't obvious. By ... read more
Created by Gregon15 on 09/08/2014
The ability to make any gang or group not know each other, forget their last idea, and break apart
Does it suck living in a crappy neighborhood? With fragmentation, that's a thing of the past. You can use this ... read more
Created by QuantomMegasmart on 09/08/2014
The ability to have increased levels of mental and psysical energy when you activate this power.
Ever felt tired or lazy? With this superpower, you can have a lot of energy. Energy to do your homework, ... read more
Created by QuantomMegasmart on 09/08/2014
The ability to use spells and enchantments by using one's own physical essence.
This ability allows the user to sacrifice parts of his own body in order to use a spell. The amount ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 09/07/2014
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I'm slightly confused on the whole "clone" part of this power. How does that work? (view comments)
Myself (9/14/2014) - Name Changer
Active now. (view comments)
No, you have to take on the form of the creature, to take on the creature's ... (view comments)
This ability is beautiful. It offers so many story arch opportunities. (view comments)
Active now as the daypower. (view comments)
Classic! I love this power! I'll use it to make people believe in fictional characters from ... (view comments)
I could use this to speed up upload speeds. (view comments)
Now I can clean my room, do my homework, take out the trash, organize my stuff, ... (view comments)
Time to rust steel! (view comments)
You can make laughing gas! You can also make some explosives. You can possibly even attach ... (view comments)

Most wanted superpowers:

1. Tactile Superpower Creation
This ability allows one to use material/Living thing and give it ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 10/05/2013
2. Instinctive Reality Warping
This is pretty basic. The user can warp reality through reflex. ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 10/25/2013
3. Jumper
This is a very rare form of teleportation. A person can ... read more
Created by Draco960 on 09/02/2012
4. Instant Learning
This power allows you to instantly and perfectly learn, and permanently ... read more
Created by Whiteknight on 08/09/2010
5. Imagination Manifestation
The ability to manifest your imagination into a physical being that ... read more
Created by Mr_Awesome on 12/18/2011
6. Advanced Regeneration
Able to regenerate bodily damage, making the damaged area stronger each ... read more
Created by The_Jake on 11/24/2010
7. Imagination Creation
This power causes a boundary to surround you and anyone else ... read more
Created by Hilkiah88 on 07/12/2010
8. Tele-Automation
This ability acts like a factory. The user wants something down ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 10/24/2012
9. Self Manipulation
With this power, you can transform your body and manipulate its ... read more
Created by neogenetica on 07/11/2010
10. Hypertime
Your molecules move so fast that you move at superhuman speeds. ... read more
Created by XANA_SLAYER39 on 04/21/2009
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