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The Kyst Dimension

The ability to banish someone to the Kyst dimension.

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Added by Timemaster70 on 6/12/2010

Magnanimous Seeds

The ability to gain a superpower by touching one or more seeds of a specific tree.

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Added by PoseidonMentis on 5/29/2011

Superpower of the Day!

3 Headed Vampiric Sheep Summon

The ability to summon a 3 headed vampiric sheep

With this power you can summon a three headed vampiric sheep. This vampiric sheep has all of the attributes... Read more »

Created by Superfool on 4/1/2012

Vespert komodokid Timemaster70 Sirmazing Alexander

Newest Superpowers:

Quartz Tag

The ability to tag an object or organism with quartz particles that can be tracked psychically

This ability allows the user to tag an object or organism, through direct contact, with small quartz... Read more »

Created by Marvelous_Miscreant on 3/28/2015

Marionette Quartz

The ability to implant small amounts of quartz in living beings that allow you to control their actions remotely

This ability allows it's user to inject small quantities of quartz, through touch, in living organisms. The... Read more »

Created by Marvelous_Miscreant on 3/28/2015

Snot Rocket

The ability to shoot rockets made of snot from your nose.

Blasting rockets of snot at foes to get them stuck in a slimy blast radius. This ability is activated by... Read more »

Created by TurtleGuy on 3/28/2015


The ability to become in entirety any character you play / portray as an actor.

Dedicated actors spend countly hours trying to perfect a flawed character. The power of 'Thespian' allows... Read more »

Created by WILD_WONDER on 3/28/2015


The ability to teleport from one toilet to another toilet anywhere in the world.

With this power a person is able to teleport from a toilet to any other toilet in the world simply by... Read more »

Created by TurtleGuy on 3/28/2015

Literally Literally

The ability to make a statement literal when "literally" is said but figuratively was meant.

When someone says "literally" and they meant figuratively you are able to activate this power and make... Read more »

Created by TurtleGuy on 3/28/2015

Dk 64 Fruit Weapons

The ability to convert fruit into weapons

In the official video game called Donkey Kong 64, the protagonists use fruits as weapons. Fruits turned... Read more »

Created by JAGMGeorgy on 3/28/2015

Celestial Consciousness

The ability to transfer your consciousness to celestial bodies.

A telepathic branch of power that allows you to transfer your consciousness to celestial bodies including,... Read more »

Created by WILD_WONDER on 3/16/2015

Forum Fight

The ability to punch people through internet

You have the power to punch stupid and annoying people through the internet with your fist the proper way... Read more »

Created by Trueswordgod92 on 3/13/2015


The ability to become An Aquatic Werecreature

This power gives the user the ability to become an aquatic werecreature of their choice but the rule is... Read more »

Created by Monstermaster13 on 3/4/2015


The ability to know how much ammo any weapon has just by looking at it

With this power you can know exactly how much ammo any given weapon has just by looking at it. Read more »

Created by Superfool on 2/22/2015

Theory Of Relativity

The ability to manipulate gravity and forces.

You are able to control gravity; you may increase it or decrease it. For example, you may pin targets to... Read more »

Created by BlazerWorks98 on 2/22/2015

Chaos Reincarnation

The ability to summon one of the mythical King Solomon's 72 Demons under your command.

Legend has it that King Solomon sealed up 72 powerful demons so their strengths cannot be put to misuse.... Read more »

Created by BlazerWorks98 on 2/22/2015

Loki YouAreHallucinating

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