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Instant Degree

The ability to instantly have a Ph.D. and all the knowledge that comes with it for one field of study.

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Added by justin on 8/12/2008

Myth Power: Chloris' Claim

The ability to channel Chloris' command over the essence of flowers

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Added by Shadowulf1 on 8/30/2013

Superpower of the Day!

Ivory Axe

The ability to use it to unleash a powerful swing & slice your enemies.

The ivory axe is a mystical materialistic weapon to be used for blunt damage and is nearly indestructible.... Read more »

Created by Amalgamer on 6/11/2010


Newest Superpowers:

Dental Molding

The ability to make things out of teeth.

User is capable of creating various tools, weapons and variously shaped objects out of their teeth. Size... Read more »

Created by The_Omnipotent_One on 7/26/2015

Useless Invisibility

The ability to be invisible when no one is watching you.

User of this unfortunate ability can turn invisible when nobody is watching. You can stay invisible as... Read more »

Created by The_Omnipotent_One on 7/22/2015

Misunderstanding User

The ability to interpretate anything in different ways.

A user of Misunderstanding User is capable of interpretating anything by many ways, changing concepts based... Read more »

Created by The_Omnipotent_One on 7/22/2015

Revan's Mask

The ability to wield the power granted when you wear Revan's Mask.

Wearing the mask of the Dark Lord of the Sith Revan will grant the warer his knowledge and Force talents... Read more »

Created by MacLeod on 7/18/2015

Memory Power Exchange

The ability to trade valuable memories in exchange for superpowers.

The user of this power has the ability to exchange their own memories for various superpowers. This process... Read more »

Created by nikoxavierlopez on 7/17/2015

Hero Choosing

The ability to choose the choosen one.

User is capable of choosing main character of the story, granting him/her luck and (possibly) happyend.... Read more »

Created by The_Omnipotent_One on 7/15/2015

Really Comfy Sweater

The ability to have an extremely comfortable sweater.

You own what is possibly the most comfortable sweater ever. You can choose whether or not to wear it,... Read more »

Created by ummdra on 7/14/2015

Healing Stone

The ability to Heal yourself by going into a stony slumber.

When you become fataly injured you can go into a deep slumber. In that state your body will become... Read more »

Created by MacLeod on 7/13/2015


Power Hacker

The ability to to hack into anyone's power.

This person can hack into anyone's power (via telepathy) similar to that of a computer. Once this person... Read more »

Created by bobshark on 7/11/2015

Stone Body

The ability to be a living stone creature

Your body is literally composed of stone, with only the skin and hair still being organic. If you're cut,... Read more »

Created by Kurautora on 7/10/2015

Fearsome Projection

The ability to Project your fear on to others.

With this ability you can project your own fears on to others thus momentarily becoming fearless while... Read more »

Created by MacLeod on 7/3/2015

Memory Sword

The ability to Wield a sword and access the tactical knowledge and sword skills of previous wielders.

With this ability you can access the tactical skills of anyone who previously wielded the sword. Read more »

Created by MacLeod on 7/3/2015

Weapon Legacy

The ability to strengthen and empower your weapon through continued use over time by yourself and your descendants.

With this ability you are linked to your chosen weapon. Over time and use as you grow stronger and more... Read more »

Created by MacLeod on 7/3/2015

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76d8430d48f3908f0ec10e97702fe678 Myself (9/27/2015)
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Ad370c1df919f2e457a1bfd64bfd42af The_Omnipotent_One (9/27/2015)
Useless Invisibility
Sure, why not. But if you just step in vision of any... View comments »

76d8430d48f3908f0ec10e97702fe678 Myself (9/25/2015)
Rocket Fists
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Useless Invisibility
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Why did so many people reject this power? It's awesome. I... View comments »

F0f12a50874fbbbfa818659609d09d8d UltimateSoldier (9/24/2015)
Useless Invisibility
This ability is not useless. If you turn visible when... View comments »

F0f12a50874fbbbfa818659609d09d8d UltimateSoldier (9/24/2015)
Ultimate Cowboy Quick Draw
Based on my superpowers right now, I can win any fight... View comments »

76d8430d48f3908f0ec10e97702fe678 Myself (9/23/2015)
Pain Drain
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2b0429446dff6673f663c8533532d9a5 JLT14 (9/19/2015)
Cool power When you die can you ascend to be a full angel? View comments »

4b0aa4f206055c32d0600e9e13bf3ce6 Shadowulf1 (9/18/2015)
Seismic Scream
Yes, sound is a vibration, but rather than having power... View comments »