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Self Storage

The ability to store yourself in a hendheld object indefinitely

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Added by Scotch on 8/21/2009


The ability to instantly summon any known book to hand

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Added by Kiri on 1/31/2012

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X Treasure Chests

The ability to cause a chest full of treasure to appear whenever you draw a white x on the ground

With this power you can cause a treasure chest to appear whenever you draw the letter x in white on the... Read more »

Created by Superfool on 10/7/2011

Myself Philote

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The ability to destroy popular culture icons through touch

Anyone or anything that has become fairly well-known to the public eye is capable of being damaged by you... Read more »

Created by Helixian on 6/8/2015

Ability Reader

The ability to See your opponents/ally's powers and skills.

Well to tell it simply you'll be able to see anyone's type of power and skill which gives you an edge but... Read more »

Created by KairuTheDead on 6/7/2015

Bowel Manipulation

The ability to Control ones own and others bowel.

You can control using ones mind others poop. You can make someone crap there pants at any force. You can... Read more »

Created by Ashley Peaks on 5/26/2015


The ability to move back and forth between ages that have already been lived.

Aeternus is the ability to move back and forth between ages that have already been lived. This enables... Read more »

Created by joe4224 on 5/26/2015

Physical Building Deterioration

The ability to Cause Deterioration to Buildings

A person uses a simple straight punch while looking at a door, window, or wall in the same area they're... Read more »

Created by Firestorm on 5/21/2015

Text Commands

The ability to write and type commands that people will perform upon reading them.

With this power, you are able to write and type hypnotic commands that people will automatically obey upon... Read more »

Created by Ichneumon on 5/19/2015

Object Fusion

The ability to temporarily fuse objects with your body.

You have the ability to fuse any object with your body for as long as you would like. Through contact with... Read more »

Created by Ichneumon on 5/18/2015

Empathy Weapon

The ability to create a weapon from someone's personality.

By activating this power, you can imprint a copy of someone's personality on your soul just by looking at... Read more »

Created by UltimateSoldier on 5/18/2015


The ability to cause any weapon you handle to remotely explode.

Upon activation of this ability, you can remotely detonate any weapon that you have touched. You can even... Read more »

Created by UltimateSoldier on 5/15/2015

Nuke Clap

The ability to Clap with the force of a nuclear blast

The owner of this power wields the force of a nuke in his hands. When the owner claps hard enough, a huge... Read more »

Created by SonOfTheSun14 on 5/12/2015

Harbinger Of War

The ability to summon a large warship for aerial or naval combat.

Upon activation of this power, a large vessel of your imagination emerges from a portal and begins... Read more »

Created by UltimateSoldier on 5/11/2015

Death Spiral

The ability to control the destructive power of objects.

When this power is activated, you can drastically raise or lower the kinetic output of objects in your... Read more »

Created by UltimateSoldier on 5/11/2015

Return To Self Genesis

The ability to repair and heal any damage you cause

Simply put, the ability to return to normal any damage that you create. This ability applies to only your... Read more »

Created by UltimateSoldier on 5/8/2015

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Imaginative Causality
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Lunar Arm Cannon
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Ultimate Kinesis
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Imaginative Causality
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Author Power Mimicry
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Carbon Manipulation
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Reality Is A Story
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Selective Temptation Immunity
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