The Superpower List - A growing list of superpowers, created by you.  Dream the impossible.
The Superpower List is a growing list of superpowers, created by you.
Create your own superpowers and share them with the world!
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The ability to turn any plant into a cactus
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The ability to transform into a fire breathing robot T-Rex
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The ability to make the weather very sunny.
Want to make someone's ice-cream melt? Then just say those three special words "Too Damn Hot" and it becomes so sunny their ice-cream will melt in less than 30 seconds. read more
Created by samlol16 on 09/25/2011
Newest superpowers:
The ability to project one's own physical structure.
The user will have an ability that will allow them to manifest their own physical structure and project in a ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 07/27/2014
The ability to establish and enforce supernatural laws
As a Law-maker, the user can create a condition/consequence system, and bind it to a chosen area. When the condition ... read more
Created by Master_Logan on 07/26/2014
The ability to manifest any capability one would have at any point in their life cycle, at will.
At different points in an organisms' life cycle, they may have capabilities lacked in another. With this power, one can ... read more
Created by Myself on 07/24/2014
Possessed by: Fuegos_De_La_Luz
The ability to possess extraordinary luck that takes on the form of an element.
The user will have great luck. This luck will appear in the form of a specific element like earth, fire, ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 07/18/2014
The ability to do something twice as fast as you last did it
This power allows you to do something twice as fast as you last did it, without exerting any more energy. ... read more
Created by gameon123321 on 07/17/2014
The ability to cause someone to die after hearing a word 4 times.
Say a word to your intended victim. After this you will be rendered mute, but after that person hears the ... read more
Created by GentlemanVaultboy on 07/17/2014
The ability to heal from any wound instantaneously.
This ability doesn't just speed up healing, it allows you to pretty much never get sick at all, Slows down ... read more
Created by Ben on 07/15/2014
Possessed by: sharathpower
The ability to bring fantasy characters to life
Suppose you like a particular character from a sci fi movie. So bring it to life. Just speak its name ... read more
Created by maximus on 07/13/2014
The ability to say comic words and make them happen
If you say boom looking at a car it explode. If you say whoosh looking at something that thing will ... read more
Created by maximus on 07/13/2014
The ability to extend smaller fingers from your fingers,then smaller ones from them.
From your finger tips you can grow smaller fingers half the size of your normal fingers,then again from those fingers ... read more
Created by Timemaster70 on 07/11/2014
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Most wanted superpowers:

1. Aerosol Generation
With this power, you can generate any substance you want, provided ... read more
Created by Myself on 11/08/2013
2. Volatile Construct
The user can create and launch bombs, explosives and other volatile ... read more
Created by sharathpower on 06/10/2013
3. Chemical Necessity Generation
The user can create chemicals that act as some of the ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 03/29/2013
4. Jumper
This is a very rare form of teleportation. A person can ... read more
Created by Draco960 on 09/02/2012
5. Instant Learning
This power allows you to instantly and perfectly learn, and permanently ... read more
Created by Whiteknight on 08/09/2010
6. Clearance Schmearance
With this power you can have access to any top secret ... read more
Created by Superfool on 11/08/2012
7. Advanced Regeneration
Able to regenerate bodily damage, making the damaged area stronger each ... read more
Created by The_Jake on 11/24/2010
8. Imagination Manifestation
The ability to manifest your imagination into a physical being that ... read more
Created by Mr_Awesome on 12/18/2011
9. Power Molding
This ability allows one to use raw material/energy and give it ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 10/05/2013
10. Energy Manipulation/Control
Most Energywielders are separated into light and dark. LightWielders can naturaly ... read more
Created by Maverick on 10/28/2012
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