The Superpower List - A growing list of superpowers, created by you.  Dream the impossible.
The Superpower List is a growing list of superpowers, created by you.
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The ability to trap an enemy and kill him.
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The ability to literally take foes' breath away
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The ability to punch people into next week.
On a touch you can force someone into the future or past. The distance of the time travel depends on how skilled you are with the power and obviously it would be a terrible idea to send someone to the ... read more
Created by YesManJr on 01/20/2009
Newest superpowers:
The ability to make any ability apply to any situation.
This ability will allow the user to make their other abilities work in any situation even in a situation that ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 04/12/2014
The ability to indirectly vampirize potiential energy to create a powerful force.
The user can absorb potential energy around them in order to turn it into a shadowy kinetic repulsive force that ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 04/12/2014
The ability to create artifical intelligence contructs and control them
With this power you can create your own AI. You can give the AI tasks and it will preform them ... read more
Created by MichaelZ on 04/04/2014
The ability to manipulate books, manuscript pages, and text paper
Also called: Literacy Manipulation The user has the ability to manipulate all forms of physical literary objects that are printed, ... read more
Created by StuckAlone on 04/02/2014
Possessed by: Philote
The ability to cause the most neutral possible outcome in any conflict.
In any conflict, be it physical or social, between two people or groups of people, you can cause the result ... read more
Created by Zaleramancer on 03/29/2014
Possessed by: GentlemanVaultboy
The ability to craft or design totems by the use of thoughts, who further grant you other supernatural powers
By the use of thoughts/magic, you create physical objects, who carry vary in shapes, forms and sizes, as well as ... read more
Created by Nembus on 03/29/2014
The ability to slash at places where the users blood has touched
This ability allows the user to control the iron in their blood or limited capabilities, allowing them to create cuts, ... read more
Created by Dezzerik on 03/26/2014
The ability to charge the angular momentum of objects!
Discover that you can bend the laws of nature in a spectacular way; take for instance the ability to redefine ... read more
Created by DocNotorious on 03/26/2014
The ability to force those using one of your powers to use another simultaneously.
With this power, the user can force any user of a power you created to simultaneously use another you created. ... read more
Created by Myself on 03/26/2014
The ability to spawn superhuman slaves at will.
A unrestricted power that allows the wielder to create a superpowered soldier out of nothing but the surrounding materials, with ... read more
Created by Rosen_Rumplestilkin on 03/25/2014
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Most wanted superpowers:

1. Tele-Automation
This ability acts like a factory. The user wants something down ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 10/24/2012
2. Volatile Construct
The user can create and launch bombs, explosives and other volatile ... read more
Created by sharathpower on 06/10/2013
3. Instant Learning
This power allows you to instantly and perfectly learn, and permanently ... read more
Created by Whiteknight on 08/09/2010
4. Imagination Manifestation
The ability to manifest your imagination into a physical being that ... read more
Created by Mr_Awesome on 12/18/2011
5. Jumper
This is a very rare form of teleportation. A person can ... read more
Created by Draco960 on 09/02/2012
6. Blacksmith's Hands
A master blacksmith uses the heat of a forge to form ... read more
Created by Genesis on 02/17/2013
7. Chemical Necessity Generation
The user can create chemicals that act as some of the ... read more
Created by Babeltalk on 03/29/2013
8. Advanced Regeneration
Able to regenerate bodily damage, making the damaged area stronger each ... read more
Created by The_Jake on 11/24/2010
9. Self Manipulation
With this power, you can transform your body and manipulate its ... read more
Created by neogenetica on 07/11/2010
10. Aether Manipulation
Aether manipulation is the ability to manipulate the aether. Some applications ... read more
Created by stonexd on 06/15/2012
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