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Superpower: Fairy Tale Disbelief
The ability to not be affected by the supernatural if you do not believe it exists
A person with this power must be a skeptic or else this power is useless. This power gives the user immunity to the supernatural because they do not believe that it exists. As such they would be immune to spell and some of the more spectacular powers like pyrokinesis or telekinesis. They might think that the pyrokinetics is using some sort of light show-the fire becomes lights and the telekinesis becomes a trick with strings when used on them.
The good:
Immune to magic if you don't believe it is real
Immune to some of the more spectacular superpowers if they don't look remotely believable
Because of this the user has no need to dabble into supernatural affairs
The bad:
You might not take people with superpowers seriously
Some of the more believable powers in this list are immune to this power
This power warps abilities into more believable counterparts which might be just as dangerous
warp, disbelief, skeptic, wonder, fairy, tale
Possessed by: Wonder_Drow
Created by WishIHadThis on Oct. 9, 2010 at 12:16 p.m.
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