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Superpower: X-Plosion
The ability to create a powerfull explosion in the form of an "X" with your mind.
This ability allows you to accelerate the particles on a specific place with your mind and create an explosion in the form of an "X". The explosion can have any size, it can be small enough to crush an enemies brain or big enough to destroy a whole building. Reducing or increasing the explosion size too much would consume too much energy and kill the user.
The good:
Can destroy nearly anything without damaging anything else
The attack has cirurgical precision and can be used to neutralize without killing an enemy
Explosions can be created anywhere in the entire world, if you know where are you aiming
The bad:
If the explosion is too big or too small, it'll kill you
If you can't see or don't know exactly the place you are aiming you can hurt innocents
Exploding something too far away can make you really tired or even kill you
explosion, aiming, carefully
Possessed by: Alexander
Created by Kastor on Nov. 1, 2010 at 04:10 p.m.
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