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Superpower: Zodiac: Cancer
The ability to create a psionic crab using Cancer's sign
By drawing the sign of cancer in the air you can create a psionic crab. This crab will act as a shield by using its shell and its claws as a weapon. The crab lasts for 10 minutes and cannot be summoned more than twice in any given hour.
The good:
Defense and offense in one.
The crab automatically moves to defend you.
The bad:
Unless you can use all the western zodiac signs you cannot give the crab orders.
Crab only lasts for 10 minutes before you have to draw Cancer again.
Con Negation and similar powers do not work on this power.
crab, crabby, pincers, shell, western, zodiac
Created by Dryad on Jan. 14, 2011 at 02:16 p.m.
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