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Superpower: Like Spell
The ability to cast a spell to make anyone like anyone else.
This ability allows you to cast a spell to make anyone like anyone else. You can also use the spell to make anyone like you. The duration of the spell depends on how much someone liked someone else before the spell. If someone hated someone else (or you), the spell only lasts 3 hours. If someone already liked someone, the spell lasts 3 months. The spell duration varies. Someone might like someone else (or you) even if the spell wears off. The effects wear off if you tell them about the spell.
The good:
Make people like (not love) others.
Make friends more easily.
Even works on people who dislike others or you.
The bad:
Spell must remain a secret. Telling them about the spell breaks it.
Spell doesn't last as long on those who dislike the other person.
Someone might like you even if the spell wears off. Bad if you don't like them.
Like, Spell, Dislike, Hate, Friend, Date, Fun, Trance
Created by QuantomMegasmart on May 8, 2011 at 11:36 a.m.
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