The ability to copy a colour, picture or superpower onto/into your body.

You can change your colour, shape or power to the shape/colour/power of what you are touching when you activate your power.
  • The good:
  • 1. You can get the looks or power of anyone you touch.
  • 2. You can disguise yourself.
  • 3. You can make yourself so good-looking that girls/guys swoon for you.
  • The bad:
  • 1. You have hardly any control over a power you copy.
  • 2. You cannot change back after 24 hours.

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5676ef77d9eaddbbda48bb8cfc44dd49 Misterb98 on 5/24/2010 at 11:28 am

is this from the old seiries "Animorphs"? the 24 hour rule is quite the same...