The ability to cause people, plants, or animals to decay while they are STILL alive.

Necrokinesis is a torture power that allows you to cause people, plants or animal flesh to rot even though they are alive. This power however cannot kill anyone. It is only used for torture and takes what would seem like forever to completely rot someone's body and, if they can't die from this, then why bother trying to go that far in the torment; you have other things to do.
  • The good:
  • 1. You can cause another person's flesh to rot right off their bones
  • 2. It's one of the most gruesome of torture
  • 3. The rotten-flesh cannot heal (exception of superhealing)
  • The bad:
  • 1. It's a torture power, so it cannot ever kill someone (even if 80% of their body has decomposed)
  • 2. At first, the decaying is fast, but as time passes, it slows down more and more and more
  • 3. Putrification stinks (carry nose plugs at all times)

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